As featured on the front page of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the ASP is a martial arts and mindfulness based intervention developed through extensive research and designed to benefit children, families, and schools.
Dr. and Mrs. Cancilla are educators and martial artists who conduct an after-school intervention called the Academic Success Program (ASP). The ASP can benefit a wide range of children from gifted to regular education to those with special needs such as ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorders. All children are welcome!
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Since 2003, students and families from 70 different schools have participated.
We are focused on supporting positive change, diversity, and tolerance and results of the program have been widely recognized. The ASP has repeatedly been recommended by local doctors, routinely implemented in student IEP's and SST plans, and on one occasion has been a court ordered intervention. The program specializes in academic, behavioral, and emotional improvement. This is successfully achieved through collaborative partnering with families and schools to optimize communications, expectations, and outcomes. Amazing successes have resulted.
Success in life is all about choices. The only thing you don't have a choice in - is not making a choice. So, what choices are you going to make?