Medication Free ADHD Treatment

Children's Non-Medicated ADHD Treatment in Suwanee, GA

If your child has ADHD, you have probably looked into a number of different treatment options. As a parent, knowing you have effective options beyond medication may be helpful. This program offers one option supported by research to improve children’s ADHD behavior. The Academic Success Program offers children’s non-medicated ADHD treatment in Suwanee, GA.

We offer parents options beyond medication to help their child with ADHD. Read on to learn how this program can improve behavior at home and school.

Improve Behavior at School

Extensive research has been conducted on the behavioral benefits of this program, and on each of the components comprising this program. Participants have become more responsible and productive in class (i.e., increased work completion and follow through).

Improve Behavior at Home

Children participating in this program have shown rapid behavioral improvements at home in listening, following directions, self-control, and completing chores. Rather than you or your child becoming frustrated, we provide fun tools and incentives to better manage situations. Whether you are opposed to medication or not, we provide an effective way to treat ADHD without medication that is supported by research.  Learn about the benefits on our website.

For more information on our children’s medication-free ADHD treatment in Suwanee, GA, contact Academic Success Program by calling +1 (404) 400-2547. We look forward to working with you and your child